The section of trail that had been washed out along Lake Whakamaru between MiCamp and Snowsill Reserve has been reinstated and is now open.

Level 2 Guidelines

Please follow the Covid-19 Level 2 guidelines.

Guidance for safe outdoor recreation is available on the Covid-19 Outdoors website.

You can use this site to find outdoor recreation activity-specific guidance relevant to your local Alert Level.


The trail between the Arapuni Swingbridge to Arapuni Dam is NOW open.


The Waikato River Trails Trust has taken the decision to permanently close part of the Trail to protect the wellbeing of both a farmer living adjacent to the Trail and the public.

The Arapuni section of Trail from Jones Landing to the Mangarewa Suspension Bridge has been closed for some time and will now close permanently.

We are dealing with serious issues of vandalism to private property and resulting high levels of stress for the farmer concerned.  The decision to close this section of Trail has not been taken lightly but is certainly the right course of action given the circumstances.

The 104km Waikato River Trails remains open with an alternative route in place from Arapuni Dam to Waipapa Dam. This route is well sign posted from both the Arapuni Dam and Waipapa Dam.

The Trail from Arapuni Dam to Jones Landing (3ks one way) remains open as does Trail from Waipapa Dam to the Mangarewa Suspension Bridge (10ks one way).

Clear signage is in place detailing the closure. It is critical that this decision is respected particularly for the wellbeing of the farmer whose livelihood has been negatively impacted. This is a lesson for all of us that respect for private property always has to be maintained at all times.

The foolish minority have created a situation through ignorance and disrespect that access to parts of the Trail are now denied to the respectful and socially aware majority. The abuse of years of goodwill from the Trails farming neighbour is a sad reflection that it only takes a few people in any section of the community to unravel enjoyment for the masses. 

The message here is clear, don’t assume that negative behaviour is tolerated without consequence. Respect land and access every time or you may have that access taken away, remember that farmers stock and water are their livelihood. Action is required, if you are a Trail user anywhere in New Zealand, always please respect the place you enjoy.  Remember that how you touch a place leaves an enduring mark. 

To the vast majority who understand this principle, thank you!

For the few who do not, keep away and stay away!

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Chairman of the Commission John Forbes, Waikato River Trails Trust Chair Kevan Stewart, Acting Chief Executive Te Tumuaki (and Operations Manager Te Kaiwhakaharea Rauemi) Ric Cullinane and Waikato River Trails General Manager Glyn Wooller

13th September - Trust awarded Outdoor Access Champion Award 2017-2018

On the 12th September the New Zealand Walking Access Commission proudly presented to the Waikato River Trails Trust the Outdoor Access Champion Award for 2017-2018.

This award recognises the Trust's efforts to establish and develop improved opportunities for people to access the great outdoors.

"The creation of your trails, combined with the strong community involvement in replanting of riparian areas has brought great benefit to your region, and the Commission applauds the efforts of the Trust and all who have worked with it."

Chairman of the Commission John Forbes commented "People in 100 years time can look back at the legacy you have left today - something we can enjoy now and tomorrow, and also into the future."

For more information check out www.theprattler.org.nz


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