How long will it take you? You choose what distances you want to travel. You can decide if you want to cycle the whole trail – or select a part of the Trail.

If you want to enjoy and make the most of your time along the Trails you need to be prepared. If you and your group have a low to moderate fitness level and haven't done much biking in the last year for two, then we suggest that you allow an extra day to break up the advanced sections within our Trail. 


Walking the Waikato River Trails is one way to connect with nature all year round in previously inaccessible Southern Waikato land.

Drink in the breath-taking scenery and the feeling of being one with nature. Be inspired as you walk through grassed farmland, open reserves, boardwalks over significant wetlands, and expansive lake and river views.

Whether it be a bonding time between parent and child, or with your partner or as a group excursion - take the journey, live the experience, no regrets

You can arrange your own trip – or there are helpful Trail operators below who can organise a trip that will suit you. 

Mangakino Shuttle Service

Contact the team on: 

0274 737 496


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