The only mobile app designed for the NZ Great Rides and a national partner of the NZ Cycle Trail.

Working offline it offers GPS tracking, over 1,500+ pages of maps, photos and trail section descriptions

The app includes the Waikato River Trail. Download it free today!

New Zealand's best guide and tracking app for the Great Rides

Once a trail is downloaded it can work offline:

  • to track your position along the trail using your phone's GPS
  • show the keys stops with weblinks, photos and descriptions
  • provide information about trails section with elevation profiles
  • identifies bike services to help you along your Great Ride

making a great riding guide with trail information all in one place.

All trail data has been carefully collected on-site then compiled with relevant trail side attractions and points of interest. Keys sites can be found on the map screen and selected to provide more information, photos and services.


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