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We have to close part of the Whakamaru section (from the start point at the Atiamuri Bridge through to Tram Road). This closure will come into affect this Friday (9th Dec) and will hopefully reopen on Monday 19th Dec 2016 due to Logging Operations. As this will be an EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS area and we again ask that people please don't disregard this temporary closure as they could result in this part of the Trails being CLOSED PERMANENTLY...

December 9, 2016

Issue 26: Winter 2016 Newsletter

Issue #26 covers the 2nd Generator Multi-sport event that was held on the 9th April; the upcoming Taniwha event being held on the the 5th November; Planting for the future; the WRT were at the Covi Motorhome Caravan and Outdoor show in Auckland; and the Firefighter duo who won support with their great effort for charity at the Generator event....

May 29, 2016

Latest Waikato River Trails Newsletters

Issue #25 - Stories include: The Generator - bigger & better, check out the new faces behind the trails developments, how our new signs add to the trails experience, the upgrade between Arapuni Dam and Jones Landing, plus more.......

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